Personal history of Karien Jacobsz


Karien began her karate career at a very young age; graded to Sho Dan (1st Dan) in 1988, began instructing Karate professionally on a full time basis in 1991. Karien has been involved in this Martial art for the past 38 years. I, (Karien) am currently a Schichi Dan (7th Dan), graded by International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF)

Teaching under the Umbrella Body of WKSA-International (World Karate Shotokan Academy) and WKSA-South Africa with my mentor Sensei San Pillay (8th Dan).

After the death of Sensei Kase in November 2004, Karien, together with Sensei San remained a member of the SRKHIA (WKSA and Instructors Academy). In July 2007 we officially joined the International Shotokan Karate Federation under Master Teruyuki Okazaki after the ISKF resigned from the JKAWF. In joining the ISKF it ensured that we continue to practice authentic Japanese Shotokan Karate-do.

Karien is a senior instructor (7th Dan-ISKF) and has her own Karate School; besides teaching on a daily basis Karien also have the following responsibilities within the ISKF-South Africa (International Shotokan Karate Federation).

  • ISKF Representative and Area Director for Gauteng North
  • ISKF-SA National Tournament Director
  • ISKF-SA National Event Manager
  • ISKF-SA National Treasurer

My (Karien) clubs are situated in Centurion, Thatchfield, the East of Pretoria and Waverley, students range from beginners to senior black belts in all age groups.  I teach and am actively involved at all classes myself; I believe on a "hands on approach". I do however have an excellent team of part and full time instructors teaching with me and assisting with classes to ensure that all members receive optimum individual attention. My team of instructors:

  • Melindi De Witt (3rd Dan)
  • Rae de Jager (3rd Dan)
  • Christian Jacobsz (3rd Dan)
  • David Miller (3rd Dan)
  • Frans Germishuizen (3rd Dan)
  • Chane Jacobsz (2nd Dan)



SELF-DEFENCE - Karien has offered Self-Defence courses in the past, privately as well as on a contract basis to schools and businesses, and continues to do so.

USN SPONSORSHIP - Karien managed to secure and hold a personal sponsorship from USN (Ultimate Sports Nutrition) as a professional athlete from 2004 - 2009.

TOURNAMENTS - Our students are actively involved in tournaments, some taking part for fun and experience, others are more competitive and have competed successfully at provincial, national and international level. Karien coaches, organize and manages the ISKF-Gauteng North Provincial Teams participation at ISKF SA Nationals Tournament every year


During 2004 WKSA (World Karate Shotokan Academy) National Team traveled abroad to Sweden and France in October 2004. This team competed in the WKSA World Championship in Sweden and also attended various training "workshops". Karien acted as organizer/team manager for this event, 48 of the 93 team members on tour were members from Karien's clubs (instructed by her on a weekly basis).

From 2004 - 2009 I, (Karien) successfully hosted the USN All Styles Karate Tournament. In 2010 we formed a new partnership with Stallion Printing and Drafting as our main sponsor hosting our invitational All styles Tournament from 2010-2015. From 2016 we are looking forward to working with Walk-a-Mile Advanced Orthopaedics as our sponsor

Karien hosted the 2005 WKSA International Tournament, with huge success, Africa as well as European countries attended.

In June 2006 a team of 50 of Karien's members took part in an International Event in Namibia, therefore receiving World Karate Shotokan Academy National Colours.

During the WKSA National Tournament held on the 26th of August 2006, a National Team of 48 members was selected, consisting of karate students from all provinces to compete internationally in Mauritius in June 2007. Eleven of Karien's students where selected as part of the International Team.

Karien also represented the South African National Team as Tour Organizer and Team Manager as well as act as Tournament Director for the International Event in Mauritius.

In November 2012 a South African National Team took part in the 2nd ISKF World Shotokan Cup in Cebu City, the Philippines, the South African team consisted of 83 members, of which 54 were members from my clubs (instructed on a weekly basis by me). Among the students from my Club we won 21 medals at the World Cup. The SA Team also attended various training "workshops" with Japanese Masters. 

I represented the South African National Team as Tour Organizer and Team Manager in the Philippines

South Africa was privileged to host the 3rd ISKF World Shoto Cup at the CTICC in Cape Town, August 2016. Huge success, with competitors from all over the world attending. Such a high level of competition, I was honoured to be able to organize and manage such an event at the same time exposing our members to an international event of this caliber. I was proud to have again so many of my own members as part of the ISKF National team competing, the tournament also consisted of a Development team, together with the Elite members we had 92 members of my club as part of the ISKF National Team. New High for us!!

MASTER CAMP - Based on our experience at the International ISKF Master Camp, held in the USA every year we established, with great success the South African version of the Master Camp first in 2009 at Konka Sport Camp. Sensei Hiroyoshi Okazaki attended/instructed at our Master camp South Africa, in 2009 and again in 2010. South Africa will host a Master Camp annually with Sensei Hiroyoshi as the instructor. Karien organized and managed the Master Camp, and will continue to co-ordinate this special event every year.